Room Service

A ready-to-wear collection. Over 25 designer finishes and over 70 selected fabrics from a select group of our most popular designs. All ready to ship in just 6 to 8 weeks!    View our digital catalog here.


Where do you Live? An open plan home or loft? A Great Room? A small studio? A formal living room? Wherever you live, Room Service offers eclectic furniture sized for your living space and tailored for your comfort.


As mom would say, “Sit. Eat.” Whether you have prepared Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon or ordered take-out from your favorite Chinese restaurant, the perfect counterpart to good food and good friends is a comfortable chair and a fabulous dining table.


Beds begging for high thread counts and fluffy pillows. Chaise lounges practically designed for that perfect book, tables and chests for all your belongings. Get cozy, tuck in and sleep well.


Our master craftsmen have been recognized as the standard for quality, detail, scale, and finish throughout the residential design, hospitality design, and purchasing comunities.


As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, Beverly Furniture maintains it's commitment to American Made Furniture and continually strives to maintain our quality standards keeping our tradition alive and well!