Beverly Furniture is proud to introduce its Interactive Design Resource Tool for mobile ,excellent for to-the-trade interior designers. Our app brings to life the Beverly Furniture catalog, product designer, and a wood finish designer in one streamlined, easy-to-use package. The Beverly app is available on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

High-resolution images take full advantage of your device's display. Our app offers the ability to change the fabric and wood colors on almost every product in our catalog - over 500 items! Experiment with different color schemes before you order with this easy and high-performance tool. Save images of your unique furnishings to your device or email them to a friend. Great tool for design collaborations! (Note: Color editing is not currently available for iPhone).

Note: We strongly recommend using this app on a WiFi connection to avoid data charges.


Color Editing


  • Fabric - Adjust the color of the fabric. The fabric will initially be a neutral gray.
  • Wood - Adjust the tint of the wood.
  • Other - Adjust an additional layer of fabric or wood, or an additional feature such as metal.

Beverly's Portfolio collection is exclusive to the trade, consisting of made-to-order furniture. Your size, your details, your fabric. Available in over 250 finishes and 1,000 fabrics. You dream it, we build it. To help with this process, we have developed a color editor for our iPad app. Customize over 200 products. Start by tapping the the "Products" tab from the home screen. Then press the "Portfolio" button. Next choose a category by pressing any of the category tiles. Browse through all of the products in the selected category by swiping up or down. When you've found a product you would like to edit, tap on the product and it will take you to a Product Detail screen. Next press the Customize button on the left side of the bottom menu bar. If the product you've selected is not editable, this button will be hidden. Once a product's Color Edit screen is selected, you will see sliders for editing the brightness as well as the RGB values of your product.


Not all sliders will be available on all products. A slider will appear partly transparent if unavailable. Press Reset to move all sliders to their original position. Press the Customize button again to hide the Color Edit screen. Press the back button on the top menu bar to go back to browsing more products. This can also be done by swiping left or right or by pressing the left or right arrows toward the bottom on the screen.

Emailing and Saving Custom Products

Save your customized products to your iPad's photo gallery. Just press the Send icon on the bottom left corner of the bottom info bar and then select Save Image Send an email with your custom product's photo and information embedded in it by tapping the "Send" icon and then selecting "Email". An email form will pop up using your iPad's native email app. Edit the email as you see fit before sending.

Creating Custom Finishes

Customize the tint, brightness, and gloss of over 60 woods. Choose from exotic wood patterns such as Catseye, Zebrawood, and Wenge, common woods such as Walnut, or a variety of Burl patterns.

Start by selecting the Decorative Veneers from the Woods menu to access the Finish Creator. The sliders are used to adjust the finish appearance. Press Reset to return the sliders to their default positions. Use the Save and Open buttons to store and recall your custom finishes.

Below the detail image is the veneer selection panel. Use the tabs to access different categories of veneer. If an arrow appears on the right edge of the panel, you can swipe the thumbnails horizontally to access additional veneers.

The Request Sample button opens a form to send your current custom finish to Beverly and request a Strike off. For better service, please indicate if you have an open project with Beverly in the “Comments” field. A Beverly representative will contact you for additional details. Use the Send button in the bottom toolbar to email your custom finish to a friend, or save the current image to your iPad.